Asama Mining follow Sky Mining steps, virtual currency sold but there is no liquidity

Investors invested in Asama Mining, receive Asama virtual currency for 21,000 VND to 22,000 VND (~ 1 USD). So far, this currency price falls below 50% but no one bought.
Currently, a lot of investors are trying to sell Asama Coin ($Asama) at the price of 10,000-12,000 but almost rare buyers.

asama-mining-follow-sky-mining-steps-virtual-currency-sold-but-no-one-bought-8Asama’s price has dropped to 50% of what many investors have received

This exchange is also very difficult to trade. Investors are required to pay 30 $Asama (~$30) before trading and transaction fee is 1% of the total amount. To match the order, investors must contact the exchange management staff to help and transfer money between investors together. If there is no money transfer in 30 minutes after order matching, users will be fined 10 USD.
Have a similar model to Sky mining, but the way that Asama Mining pays interest is more sophisticated. Instead of paying interest in cash or Bitcoin, they issue Asama Coin – the virtual currency for conversion to investors after the deposit. The corresponding issuance rate of $1 receives 1 $Asama. This company promotes: investors can use $ Asama to buy houses, buy land, invest in securities,… even can convert to Bitcoin as you like. Investors have said they can not convert from $Asama to Bitcoin, as Asama Mining has canceled this function, and there is no liquidity.

“Asama promise investors would be profitable 300% per year. It’s been 3 weeks now, I haven’t withdrawn 1 cent from the investment package $5,000. Now they ask me to register many things that I don’t need” – Written by Investor nickname Neri.

Responding to similar inquiries from many investors, a member of the Asama Management Board explained that: Previously the company’s weekly profit was responsible for liquidating investors to the number $A is received (1 $A is approximately 21,000 VND). Now because the financial system has many difficulties, the company does not guarantee liquidity for investors anymore. So we find the solution that is to create the Asama exchange so that investors buy and sell Asamacoin with each other. The rate of $A against the VND depending on the market. In other words, that’s the game between investors.
Asama received real cash, paid self-issued coin for investor and pushed responsibility for the exchange (the exchange was also created by Asama Mining). That is the model more clever than the Sky mining recently.

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