The CEO of Sky Mining “I’m healing and will be back”

On July 29th, Mr. Le Minh Tam, the head of Sky Mining’s multi-level system, posted a video to reassure investors that next week the system will be operated again.
The video is posted inside a Telegram chat group. This was established by Sky Mining for the purpose of exchanging information with investors.
In the 44 seconds of the video, Le Minh Tam announced on the social network that he was treating, more than 100 digital currencies agents will continue to operate next week.
“I will communicate with you as soon as possible to make all the workshops operate, and you will have cash. Please support more than 100 dealers who are trying to operate miners again next week. Thank you for your cooperation “, Mr. Le Minh Tam reassured investors.
At the end of the conversation, the head of Sky Mining claimed he was not “running away” and would return as soon as possible.

The video was received two streams of comments from investors. Many people believed that Mr. Tam will make this promise. “We firmly believe in the project owner since this is a cryptocurrency mining having physical products; moreover, we are remaining workshops and miners,” the Telegram X.H account shared.
However, some people said that this was his way to reassure public opinion and buy time to prepare for the following steps.
“ Who will believe what you say when you are staying in a five-star hotel and treating? Even you should stay in Vietnam not in the US as you said”, Hoang Phu’s Facebook account questioned about treating of Mr. Tam in the United States.
According to Mr. Tam’s commitment, all miners will not lose. However, on July 23rd, the entire one at a workshop in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province was moved off in the night, and a workshop in Cu Chi has been closed. Investors have been lost lock, stock, and barrel.


On July 23, the whole miner in Dong Nai was moved in the night

“ I think that it is wise to reassure public opinion and buy time of Mr. Tam. Because in this time a person who is holding money and taking legal responsibility has been absent and a person in here is not responsible for that”, Ly Tan, an investor who was fortunate to get his capital in Binh Thanh District told
Besides, Mr. Tan also predicted Mr. Tam will pay back a small amount of money for investors to reassure. This practice was also implemented by iFan multi-level chain when Le Ngoc Tuan, a leader of iFan, paid back 80 billion Dongs to senior investors.


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