Vietstock Blockchain Summit 2018 - Jan 2018


Vietnam’s first major Blockchain event was successfully held on 28th January Sunday in Ho Chi Minh City. The event was organized by Vietstock — A prestigious financial media organization in Vietnam and FundYourselfNow.

Over 1000 people attended this huge event and learned more about the upcoming projects in Blockchain domain. The speakers from Olympus Labs, NewEra, Viola.AI, and FundYourselfNow made sure that the crypto enthusiasts in Vietnam understand how the Blockchain and crypto space is changing and how their projects are contributing to this change.

The Event covered the topics like Blockchain Technology and the developments, blockchain application in businesses, understanding cryptocurrencies and trading, how to run a successful ICO and the latest trends in this domain.

Below were the speakers from the event:


Jack Ser (Chairman FundYourselfNow), Andy Tan (CEO NewEra)


Jamie Lee (Viola.AI CEO), Keith Long( CEO), Kai Chen(Olympus CEO)


Kenneth Tan(FunYourselfNow CTO), Liu Yusho(Chairman & Advisor

The leading experts from the crypto space gave their best in making people aware of the latest trends. Along with FundYourselfNow, there were other speakers from:

  1. VinaEx — Vietnam’s leading cryptocurrency exchange where both local and international buyers can trade bitcoins/Ethereum with the Vietnamese Dong and USD. VinaEX is launched in collaboration with major banks in Vietnam.
  2. Olympus Labs — A groundbreaking financial ecosystem that defines the protocol for cryptocurrency-based financial products. The Olympus ecosystem provides investors with a comprehensive financial marketplace filled with financial products, services, and applications that serve their investment needs.
  3. NewEra — NewEra utilizes blockchain technology to enable a decentralized system that increases transparency and credibility, creating a global benchmark for emission recording and reporting.
  4. — It is an Internet-based platform with a blend of community, social media connectivity, pay to Advance gaming features and eSport focus. Matchroom intends to become the preeminent online destination for Gamers across South East Asia and other Emerging Markets.
  5. Viola.AI — Viola harnesses on the latest technology in artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and trustless smart contracts to develop a powerful lifelong relationship advisor. They had their presale sold out last Thursday, 5 days before the actual end date!

Some of the glimpses of the event:


VCF Today – Vietnam Crypto Forum


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